Aqua Bella Aquariums FAQ

Photo of Maintenance Free Self Contained Aquarium
Royal Empress Angelfish - In a freshwater wall hung aquarium.

Before setting up your new Aqua Bella Aquarium, read the instructions and do not plug in the aquarium until it has been filled with aquarium salt or fresh water.

Aquarium Assembly:

Do I need to install the filters and heaters, pumps, light, etc?

No, everything is already installed. The aquarium instructions should be consulted to make sure everything is in its correct place.

Do I need to adjust the thermostat?

No, it comes pre-adjusted.

At what temperature can I place the fish in the water?

72-76 degrees Fahrenheit for both fresh and salt water tanks.

What happens if I plug in the aquarium before the water level is above the pumps?

Doing this will void your warrantee.

How long will it take the fish to acclimatize (become comfortable) to their new environment?

2 hours-48 hours the fish stress has dropped and adjusted to their new environment depending on the fish.

How long should I wait before introducing the fish into the water?

With our organic enzyme(labeled as clear water solution) as soon as the correct temperature (72-76 degrees {F}) has been reached, however most fish stress levels are reduced if the water has been sitting at correct temperature for 24 hours.

How long does it take to have the aquarium in place on the wall with fish (completed)?

Approximately one half hour to mount it and an hour for the water to reach the proper temperature.

Installation (wall mounting) :

Does it matter if the aquarium is exposed to direct sunlight?

Yes, sunlight will promote algae growth and can cause temperature fluctuations so we recommend that you choose a wall space that does not get direct sunlight – indirect sunlight is fine.

How many brackets do I need to use and how do I attach them to the wall?

Two steel brackets (holds up to 800 lbs.) need attached to studs (16-24 inches apart depending upon your wall studs) with supplied hardware – you can adjust it to your needs.

If you have any doubts as to hanging your aquarium, you should call a professional handyman or carpenter. It is important to take the time and hang the aquarium correctly.

Can I attach them to a cement wall?

Yes, with special cement screws included with your Aqua Bella Aquarium.

How far apart are the brackets placed?

The mounts are placed on the studs and the aquarium has about eight inches of play on each side to allow for different stud spacing.

Water Questions:

Do we add salt water to the tank when water evaporates?

No, you add distilled or RO (reverse osmosis) water only.

Where do I get distilled water?

This can be found in any grocery store.

How often do I add the enzyme solution?

Once a year, contact us at

Is there a difference in the maintenance between fresh water and salt water?

No different, however salt water tends to accumulate more algae.

Is there an advantage of one type of water over another?

Yes, our enzyme will help to control more of the algae in a fresh water aquarium, however it works great with salt water as well. Be sure to clean the algae from the glass at least once a week on both the front and back glass panels.

Do I need to get a protein skimmer?

No, the enzyme takes care of this.

How much enzyme solution do I add to the aquarium?

Shake it well, and pour the entire bottle into your aquarium.

How often will I have to replace the water?

You should never have to change the water. If mistakes are made such as the lights left on over 24 hours, over-feeding, aquarium put in direct sunlight – promoting over-growth of algae and permanent murky water then you will have to change the water and order a new bottle of Aqua Bella Clean Water Enzyme Solution. But with proper maintenance, water will not need to be changed, only added per evaporation.

How do I replace the water?

Remove the power cord from the wall outlet and siphon the water from the tank.

Where can I find the proper water for my aquarium?

For salt water aquariums it is best to get this at an aquarium store, for fresh water aquariums, distilled or reverse osmosis water is best.

How will I know when I’ve added enough water?

Fill the aquarium past the pump outlet and not above the support bars.

If I want a salt water aquarium how do I get salt water?

Buy at a fish store, or buy a special mix from

How often do I add water to my aquarium?

When the water level has been reduced by an inch, add distilled or RO water to either your fresh or salt water tank.

Will water evaporate out of my aquarium?

Yes, add water through the top of the aquarium through the filter.

Light Questions:

How do I turn the light on?

Make sure aquarium is plugged in and use the remote control or locate the switch on top right of the aquarium.

Do I need to replace the light bulb?

It is recommended that the light be changed once a year as the light will lose its intensity which will help to create more algae; for a replacement bulb go to

What kind of bulb is used for the light?

T5 14 watt Aquarium Light

Can other bulbs be used, like a black light bulb?


Does the light serve any purpose beyond making the fish more visible?

Yes, it’s needed for live plants, and to maintain balanced algae.

How long should the lights be kept on?

Just like in the ocean, not more than 8-10 hours per day.

What happens if I leave the light on longer than eight hours?

The algae will grow faster; it thrives on light. If lights are continually left on such as all night long, algae will over take the tank.

When traveling, what about the light?

Keep it off; the fish will be better off without lights.

Pump Questions:

How do I turn the pumps on or off?

By disconnecting the cord from the outlet, if the pumps are not working the fish will not have oxygen and will survive for only a few hours. It not necessary to turn the pumps off unless you need to change the water (you will need to order Aqua Bella Clean Water Enzyme Formula).

What will happen to the fish if the aquarium is unplugged?

If you unplug the aquarium, the heater and pumps will turn off and the fish will survive 4-6 hours.

What happens if one or more pumps fail?

You will need to replace the pump(s). The fish can survive for a few days on one pump. Contact for spare parts and accessories.

How will I know if one or more pumps have failed?

Water movement only on one side or you won’t see any water movement.

Where can I get a new pump?

Any fish store, although it is best to contact

Are the original pumps covered by a warranty?

Yes, with a one year warranty on all pumps, heater, and lights. However the pumps should work trouble free for many years.

Filter Questions:

Do I need to clean or replace the filters?

The filters do not need to be replaced, however they do need to be rotated. The first filter rotation should take place at 16 weeks, and every 6 months thereafter.

     To rotate the filters:

•Unplug from the main outlet

•Detach and remove the pump

•Lift out both filter sponges. In each sponge there is a ‘bio-ball.’ (The “Bio-Ball is a small black plastic sphere that keeps the bacteria alive)

•There are two filters on each side of the fish tank. After removing the ‘bio-ball,’ rinse the top filter on each side only (top sponge) then rotate the sponges, placing the top on the bottom and the bottom filter on the top. Before placing the sponge back in the aquarium make sure to put the ‘bio-ball’ back into the sponge. It is important to only rinse one filter per side, during these rotations no matter how dirty they appear.

Your tank may look a little cloudy after you rotate the filters (sponges). This is common and should clear in about 1 hour.

•Remember, your filters rely on bacteria to consume waste. Because of this, it is a very bad idea to rinse all the filters at once. Your Aqua Bella Aquarium uses a technology that took many years of research, it simulates a miniature ecosystem right in your own home.

If I need a new filter where can I get one?

Call Aqua Bella Aquariums (888) 285- 7665 or visit

Heater and Thermostat:

What happens if my aquarium is in a room that is very hot, 100 deg. Plus?

Put bags with ice in the water to maintain the proper temperature.

How do I turn the heater on or off?

No need to, the thermostat does this automatically.

Do I need to do anything to make sure the thermostat is working properly?

Monitor the temperature of the aquarium with the supplied thermometer.

Are those lights good enough to grow live corals?

No you will need special lights, see your local fish store or call Aqua Bella.

Fish Care:

How often should I feed the fish?

Every other day i.e M/W/F(or S)

What happens if the fish are fed too often?

The leading cause of death in fish is over-feeding.

If I forget to feed the fish one day should I feed them double the next day?


What should I do if I go away between one and two weeks?

Make sure the light is off to avoid algae and get an automatic feeder or slow release food, or call Aqua Bella (888) 285-7665 for special design feeders.

How many fish can I put in my aquarium?

Begin with four and gradually introduce more up to approximately 8-10 depending on the size of your fish.

What size of fish can my aquarium accommodate?

Stock fish less than three inches in length and similar in size. Some fish will grow to the size of an aquarium.

General Tips:

In an established aquarium how do we add aquabella?  Do we still use the filter media that is in the filter?  Should we still use charcoal?

Just dump it in the aquarium, it will spread on its should still use the charcoal, the filter media is good too.

What is the best way to avoid excessive algae?

Feed the fish every two days and avoid excessive exposure to direct sunlight.

What is the best way to treat algae?

In addition to a brush you can get snails, crabs, or fish (Placastamus, Chinese Sucker Fish, etc.) that eat algae.

Which is easier to maintain; Fresh Water or Salt Water?

Fresh water has very little maintenance, while salt water has a bit more. With Aqua Bella’s Clean Water Enzyme Solution, maintenance has been reduced by approximately 80%.

After set up why is the water cloudy in the aquarium?

It is because of the fine sand particles, the water will clear overnight.

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